Blackadon Barns Go Green
Blackadon Barns Go Green

Blackadon Barns Go Green

Posted by: Charles Roberts Tuesday, 03 April 2012.

Blackadon Barn Cottages, located in South Devon has today announced the activation of their two Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations that were donated by Zero Carbon World.

Zero Carbon World donates Charging Stations to the hotel and leisure industry to support the development of a national charging infrastructure and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

Visitors to Blackadon Barn with a plug-in vehicle can now recharge overnight or 'top up' their vehicle while enjoying the beauty of the South Devon countryside.

Mark Walker from Blackadon Barns stated: "Installing a Zero Carbon World charging station will encourage more low carbon vehicles to South Devon. Offering this service will incentivize electric vehicle drivers to visit the area and stay with us. We see this as a logical extension of our Solar PV panels and can truly offer reduced carbon motoring in an area of outstanding natural beauty."

Each Charging Station is simple, robust and reliable and comprises a 13-Amp socket and 32-Amp connector. Zero Carbon World are donating 1000 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations to businesses around the UK. Successful applicants also join 'Zero:Net' – the only unrestricted National Electric Car charging network in the country.

'There are no restrictions to use Zero:Net,' said Kevin Sharpe Founder of Zero Carbon World and Chair of the Trustees. 'You don't have to be a member, subscribe, pay in advance or use a smart card to access electricity. Wherever EV drivers are, they can recharge while eating, sleeping, working or simply relaxing. We are extremely proud to be creating the UK's only Open Charging Station Network".

Growing rapidly with 124 donations to date, ZCW is on track to install 1000 Charging Stations in the UK.