Testing the limits of the Twizy
Testing the limits of the Twizy

Testing the limits of the Twizy

Posted by: Monday, 24 September 2012.

Plug-hopping with Zero:Net

Not many drivers will push the limits of their EV on their first day of ownership, but that's exactly what Paul Toomer did with his 90 mile trip home from picking up his Twizy.

Paul Toomer bought his Renault Twizy in Portsmouth – which is fine, other than the fact that he lives in Wroughton, near Swindon. But with a little help from Zero:Net sites and his sister he decided to drive the 90 miles home.

The Twizy has a rated range of 62 miles. However, to stay on the safe side, Paul assumed that the Twizy would do 40 miles on one charge and planned a few recharging stops on-route.

His first leg was 30 miles to the New Forest to the Sir Walter Tyrrell pub - a Zero:Net favourite with electric vehicle drivers. He filled up with a delicious lunch while his Twizy filled up on electrons outside. After a couple of hours the Twizy was recharged and Paul was on his way again.

charging carport

After lunch, Paul visited Urban Energy, near Salisbury. At this Zero:Net location, the Twizy charged from sunlight using the Solar Carport. As it was a bright sunny day, the solar panels were producing more electricity than the Twizy needed to charge, so not only would the next leg of Paul's journey be completely carbon free, but electricity was also being exported to the grid.

Following this is was a quick whiz up to Paul's sister's house near Marlborough to show off his new set of wheels. After a top-up and a cup of tea, and prying the Twizy away from his nephew, Paul was ready to head home.

everyone loves_the_twizy

Paul is the first to admit that the Twizy is not designed to long journeys, but he told us that, "with the aid of two free Charging Stations and a stop at my sister's, I managed the journey surprisingly easily and comfortably."

Zero:Net is helping drivers like Paul make the most of their electric vehicles, with 144 great places to plug-in while you enjoy a meal or a great night's sleep.

If you have used a Zero Carbon World Charging Station lately and have a story like Paul's we'd love to hear from you. You can email us at info@zerocarbonworld.org, post on our Facebook page or even tweet us.