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Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones


"My first drive in an EV. Wow. It was something I was looking forward to since being a kid. I grew up watching Tomorrows World & being excited about the future of modern transportation. It was only when I got into a Leaf and took a test drive for the first time I thought, it's here... "

For Nigel it wasn't only about being green - it was also cost effective and fun. Three amazing elements combined. Nigel now drives a BMW i3 rex and through over 3 years of ownership understand some of the needs of the EV driver.

In his spare time Nigel loves listening to music, enjoying our wonderful countryside, and most recently watching Formula E motor racing, hoping that series will demonstrate being green can be fun, thrilling, exciting & forward looking.

In his day job Nigel is a software engineer.

Nigel currently drives a BMW i3 REX and previous drove a Nissan Leaf