Charge down to Cornwall with Zero:Net
Charge down to Cornwall with Zero:Net

Charge down to Cornwall with Zero:Net

Posted by: Monday, 06 August 2012.

Never more than 20 miles from a Charging Station

Every year over 4 million people stay in Cornwall, the vast majority of them on holiday. According to Visit Cornwall, three quarters of these visitors arrive by car. This adds up to a lot of cars, a lot of petrol and a lot of CO2.

But what if some of these cars were electric? Fortunately, wherever you go in Cornwall you are never more than 20 miles from a Zero Carbon World Charging Station.

In fact, 18 of the 20 public charging locations in Cornwall are members of Zero:Net, the UK’s only open and unrestricted electric car charging network.

These locations include luxurious hotels like the Bedruthan Steps Hotel, cosy cottages like at Pollaughan Farm, welcoming B&Bs such as Bedknobs and activity centres like Woodland Valley Farm.

With 122 great locations all over the UK, Zero:Net offers plug-in car drivers the ability to enjoy zero emission holidays and days out. You can find all the Zero:Net locations on our map.

If you have visited or plan to visit any of these locations, do let us know. We'd love to hear about it.

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