Charge Up Before you Fly Away
Charge Up Before you Fly Away

Charge Up Before you Fly Away

Posted by: Sunday, 08 July 2012.

'We hope to eventually see Charging Stations available at more of our hotels'

The Radisson Blu Hotel in London Stansted Airport, has today announced the activation of their two Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, donated by Zero Carbon World.

Visitors to the hotel, which is the only hotel directly attached to the airport terminal, with a plug-in vehicle can now recharge overnight or 'top up' their vehicle while catching up with that old friend who just flew in.

Having had a green policy in place since 1989, Radisson Blu Hotels has been at the forefront of green practice within the industry, with many of its UK hotels being recognised under The Green Tourism Business Scheme. This latest Charging Station activation is just the latest in a planned roll out which will see more locations going live soon.

Malcolm Rann, General Manager and District Director with Radisson Blu says 'We are delighted to work with Zero Carbon World to install electric car Charging. Plug-in vehicles are the future for personal transportation and we hope to eventually see Charging Stations available at more of our hotels.

'We are fully behind electric vehicles and are proud to be able to support the creation of an unrestricted national charging network. We pride ourselves at being on the front line of green innovation. Not only is this good for the environment but it is good for our customers. We see ourselves as leading the way in the hotel sector.'

Zero Carbon World donates Charging Stations to the hotel and leisure industry to support the development of a national charging infrastructure and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

Each Charging Station is simple, robust and reliable and comprises a 13-Amp socket and 32-Amp connector. Zero Carbon World is donating 1000 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations to businesses around the UK. Successful applicants also join 'Zero:Net' – the only unrestricted National Electric Car charging network in the country.

'There are no restrictions to use Zero:Net,' said Kevin Sharpe Founder of Zero Carbon World and Chair of the Trustees. 'You don't have to be a member, subscribe, pay in advance or use a smart card to access electricity. Wherever EV drivers are, they can recharge while eating, sleeping, working or simply relaxing. We are extremely proud to be creating the UK's only Open Charging Station Network".

Growing rapidly with over 200 donations to date, ZCW is on track to install 1000 Charging Stations in the UK.