EVolution Show Talks now all available to watch

EVolution Show Talks now all available to watch

Posted by: Cara Naden Monday, 06 July 2015.

Michael Boxwell How to get your next car for free

Michael will be showing how the price of electric cars are falling and how this, along with the nationwide electric car charging infrastructure, are now making electric cars a truly practical proposition and showing why this means that by switching to electric, your next car could well cost you absolutely nothing. Book signing by Michael will be after the talk in the cafe area.

22.11 mins, watch it here

John Hardy: “Taming the dragon”: understanding and managing lithium ion batteries

This talk will report results from several long term tests of lithium iron phosphate batteries composed of multiple cells, including a 2000 cycle test and a fast charge test exploring the effect of high charge rates on battery life over 500 cycles, and will introduce some tests using other lithium ion chemistries, specifically lithium cobalt and lithium manganese. The talk will also make some suggestions and recommendations for battery management.

39.14 mins, watch it here

Mike Schooling: Working with newer vehicles

Mike Schooling, technical lead at indra.co.uk takes a look at the issues surrounding the conversion and/or modification of modern vehicles along with the associated technological and bureaucratic challenges.

19.24 mins, watch it here

Gilly Lacey: Second Life Batteries

It is possible to store renewable energy electricity in batteries, but that’s expensive. Very soon there will be second hand electric vehicle batteries coming onto the market as they are replaced when at 80% capacity. This is an ideal opportunity to reuse these batteries by storing carbon free electricity and help save the planet. The principle of ’2nd life’ battery storage together with some real case studies will be explained in this practical and relevant talk.

37.21 mins, watch it here

Phil Edwards: Electric Motorcycles for Road and Track

Phil Edwards, founder & Managing Director of Weald Technology Ltd, will take us through his journey from record breaking Electric Motorbikes, EV conversions for road and track, onto their forthcoming world-record challenge, and their other EV projects for motorsport and specialist vehicles.

39.53 mins, watch it here

Richard Kemp: Vanana Splits - the story of remaking VW EV Vans.

Richard will tell his story of turning EV conversion dreams into reality. This is his story about the journey of remaking an EV version of the iconic Volkswagen Campervan from concept to reality and how to attract funding to make this EV VW the next electrified generation of this iconic vehicle.

9.11 mins, watch it here

Rafael Mestre: E80 Around the World EV Racing

Review of the 2012 EV race, overview of the 2016 world race and how you can support E80 and get involved.

36.22 mins, watch it here

Anne Kloppenborg: New Electric. Taking vehicles from ICE to Cool

New Electric was founded in 2008 on the premise that they should build an electric waterskiboat. In the course of this project and the builds that followed New Electric found there are many more like them, interested in electric drive and all the benefits it offers.

With the increasing availability of ever better components, New Electric are now at the start of a great time for EV conversions and brand new electric vehicles of all sorts. Anne will share his story about starting New Electric and how it is evolving in the world of EV Conversions.

41:02 mins, watch it here