Innovative Electric Vehicles from EV Innovations
Innovative Electric Vehicles from EV Innovations

Innovative Electric Vehicles from EV Innovations

Posted by: Monday, 03 September 2012.

EV Innovations create and design their vehicles to be electrically powered from the ground up, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

They have over 15 years experience designing and building anything from land speed record holding racing cars to urban delivery trucks and affordable 'flat-pack' world cars.

Their electric vehicles can do their jobs better than diesel or petrol competitors and sell for a comparable price. Chief Executive Officer Michael Boxwell told us that: “This means we have to choose our battles - we can't build a panel van that can beat a Ford Transit for general purpose or long distance work, but for delivering in urban and inner-city environments we believe we can do just that with the Bluebird City electric commercial vehicle.

“We have better visibility, better maneuverability, bigger load space, greater payload and a battery swap system that means the truck can be 'refuelled' at the depot in under four minutes. We’re taking what electric vehicles do best – short distance, lower speeds, inner city driving – and optimising the whole vehicle to make them outperform any other vehicle for that task.”

bluebird truckOur Marketing Manager, Charlie Roberts, drove a pre-production model and was very impressed, he says that the truck is “incredibly powerful, easy to drive and a real innovation. I love the battery swap idea – its genius!”

What’s more is that the Bluebird truck costs about the same as a diesel Ford Transit van, but costs about a tenth as much in fuel, and is exempt from road tax and the London Congestion charge – savings that run to thousands of pounds a year.

bluebird-speedAnother EV Innovations project is the latest Bluebird BE-3 electric land speed racer; this sleek, high-tech performance machine has broken 8 land speed records and won a coveted Millenium Product design award. It stands as a great example of how their principle of designing electric vehicles from the ground up can ensure maximum performance, as well as efficiency.

EV Innovations is also developing a modular ‘flat-pack’ electric car that can be locally assembled for different markets called the ‘One World EV’. This vehicle can be customized with different wheelbase lengths, body styles, batteries and motors to provide an affordable EV suitable for local needs. We look forward to seeing them at our Zero:Net locations in the future.