Tap-n-Charge with Zero:Net
Tap-n-Charge with Zero:Net

Tap-n-Charge with Zero:Net

Posted by: Monday, 01 October 2012.

Zero:Net is set for rapid expansion with the introduction of Tap-n-Charge pay-as-you-go Charging Stations.

Zero Carbon World has been working with Rolec to provide pay-as-you-go fast charging without membership fees, subscriptions or smartcards. With the simple Tap-n-Charge contactless payment system, you can charge your car as simply as you would pay for a cup of coffee.

Tap'n'Charge Charging Station

The new Charging Stations are simple to use: Once plugged in a quick wave of your credit card, mobile phone or other compatible contactless device is enough to start your charge.

These Charging Stations have been developed with EV drivers in mind.

  • Simple payment system
  • No smartcards
  • No membership fees
  • No subscriptions

They also address a number of concerns that drivers have with current on-street Charging Stations:

  • The Charging Stations are future-proof by being capable of supplying power all the way up to 63A three-phase. It can charge all current production electric cars at the limit of their onboard charger.
  • Each Charging Station can have multiple sockets alleviating the fear that another car will already be using the Charging Station or that it will be ICEd (a non-electric car parking in the reserved spot).

The Charging Stations are equipped with a Type 2 socket – you can buy a Type 2 to Type 1 converter cable for cars with J1772 socket inlets in our online shop.

Zero Carbon World will add these new Charging Stations to Zero:Net as they are activated.

Zero:Net is the only unrestricted charging network in the UK. Using Zero:Net you can plan trips around the UK in your electric car without worrying about membership schemes or smartcards.