Twizy Charging Difficulties
Twizy Charging Difficulties

Twizy Charging Difficulties

Posted by: Friday, 27 July 2012.

It has come to our attention that drivers of the new Renault Twizy have been having some difficulties when plugging in to multiple vendors' Charging Stations. In the interest of transparency we can confirm that this issue does affect our Charging Stations.

The problem appears to be two-fold:

  • The 3-pin plug used for the Twizy is larger than standard. This means that it does not fit within some Charging Stations due to their weather protective seal.
  • The curled cord used by Renault 'pulls' on the connector when it is charging, causing the plug to become unseated.

We have heard from a number of Twizy owners that Renault is looking at a new plug design that they believe will fix the first of the above issues.

In the meantime, there is a workaround for both of these problems:

You can use a weatherproof extension cable. This ensures not only that the plug itself is a standard size but also that the Twizy’s springy cable will not be able to ‘pull’ on the plug.