Whizzing Around in a Twizy
Whizzing Around in a Twizy

Whizzing Around in a Twizy

Posted by: Wednesday, 18 July 2012.

This week saw the official launch of the Eco Travel Network and their fleet of six Renault Twizys.

The Eco Travel Network started two years ago when it won £10,000 in funding from a 'Green Dragon's Den' competition. The idea was simple: Why not use simple, fun electric transport when traveling in the stunning Brecon countryside?

Their charging network and affiliate membership has grown from this idea, and this week they launched the latest innovative addition to the network: Six zippy little Renault Twizys.

Ian Foster, one of the local businessmen behind the Eco Travel Network, said: "Not only are the Twizys an environmentally-friendly way for our visitors to travel, but the ever expanding network of charging stations in the area is connecting tourism businesses around the national park."

Twizys have a top speed of 50mph and seat two people in tandem. Zero Carbon World was lucky enough to be invited to the European launch where we got to test the Twizy for two days in Ibiza.


Zero Carbon World has been working with the Eco Travel Network to ensure that the Twizy and other electric cars have as many locations as possible to charge at. You can see our Welsh charging locations on Zero:Net.

Through the Eco Travel Network you can now rent a Twizy when you stay at one of their affiliate locations in the Brecons. And while you're whizzing about in your rented Twizy, if you come across a restaurant or activity centre where you would like to stop and charge, why not suggest that they apply for some free Charging Stations?