York Council Leading the Charge
York Council Leading the Charge

York Council Leading the Charge

Posted by: Wednesday, 25 July 2012.

The City of York Council is helping businesses to install simple, reliable, low cost Charging Stations by providing a grant of £200 towards installation costs.

This means that businesses eligible for Free Zero Carbon World Charging Stations and using our recommended installers pay only £99 to have two Charging Stations set up and ready to go.

This scheme has already helped 2 businesses, the York Marriott Hotel and The Groves Hotel, which are now able to provide electric car charging to their customers.

They are now part of Zero:Net, the UK’s only open and unrestricted electric vehicle charging network, which lets drivers charge their cars without having to apply for membership, pay subscriptions or carry around smart cards, and can be found on our online Zero:Net map.

With two locations already up and running, and several more York businesses in the process of installing Zero Carbon World Charging Stations, the historic city is pioneering electric transport.

Potential new locations in York or any other part of the UK can apply for Zero Carbon World’s Free Charging Stations through our online form.