Open Charge Map

Open Charge Map

Open Charge Map is The Community Charging Station Database.

Open Charge Map contains information on many Charging Stations across the world. It lists, in detail, their charging capabilities, information on how to find them and operational status. Developers can use this database freely to create interactive maps and Apps for use by the public.

It is updated and maintained by a community of volunteer editors who add to and maintain its data.

We use Open Charge Map to power ZeroNet.

Why use Open Charge Map?

The aim of Open Charge Map is to provide a global, centralised, free and open database of Charging Stations. Its mission is to remove the need for multiple private Charging Station databases and give a single point of reference for Charging Station information.

This information can then be called upon and integrated into online maps, SmartPhone Apps or even satellite navigation devices. When we donate to a new site we add their details to Open Charge Map and then pull their data into ZeroNet where it is displayed with additional information about the host location.

Instead of competing with other data providers Open Charge Map (OCM) cooperates with and provides services to them, in exchange for data sharing and de-duplication efforts.

For more information visit Open Charge Map.

The Data Needs You!

You can help improve the data

If you can't see a charging location on OCM that you know exists, why not add it to the database?


If you are an EVSE supplier, network operator or run a local charging information app or site you can supply OCM with your latest charging location information regardless of whether your organisation owns, operates or simply catalogues the available charging locations.

This information can be then added to the open database and fed into all other systems that use Open Charge Map as their information provider.

Develop Your Website

SatNav vendors, App developers and Website owners can access and download the latest charging locations using the OCM API.

The data can then be used to develop public facing services. OCM can even provide helpful 'widgets' to include on any web page to provide maps and gather data submissions from users. The database is completely open and provided free of charge to the public for any individual, group or business that wants to use the data.

All Charging Stations added to our network are submitted to Open Charge Map. This information is then available to anyone using Open Charge Map's data. We take this data, add additional 'value-added' information to it and then display it on our site to create ZeroNet.

To learn more about how OCM can improve your website visit Open Charge Map.

All the maps you see on this website are powered by OCM.