Single EU Standard for Charging

Single EU Standard for Charging

At the end of January, the European Commission finally agreed that the Type 2 connector would become the single, ratified standard for electric car charging across Europe. 

From this point on, all electric cars sold in the EU, and all Charging Stations installed in the EU will follow this standard and will not be sold with a 13A cable.

How does this affect you?

You will receive a single Type 2 Charging Station instead of both a Type 2 and 13A Charging Station. This makes our donations:


Unlike a 13A socket, the Type 2 connection uses sophisticated safety protocols to increase vehicle and user safety while charging.


Depending on your circumstances, installation costs may drop, since you are only installing one Charging Station.

Easier for you

You only have to reserve a single electric car parking space instead of two.

Easier for your customers

With a single standard in place, electric car owners can be confident you will be able to charge their car without ringing up to check connection type in advance.

A quick history lesson

Until this legislation, different car makers used different charging connectors on their cars, necessitating drivers carried multiple different charging leads if they wanted to always be sure of a charge, regardless of where they went.

Without an agreed-on standard, many manufacturers resorted to producing low power 'emergency' charging equipment for their cars, capable of charging the car from a 13A 'domestic' outlet.

To cater to this fact, we've always donated two Charging Stations to each location: a single 13A Charging Station, capable of charging an average electric car in 12 hours from empty; and a more powerful Type 2 Charging Station, capable of charging certain electric cars in as little as four hours, depending on the car's on-board electrical system.

While this solution offered the best compromise in terms of compatibility and flexibility, it meant the following things:

  1. ZeroNet sites needed to reserve two spaces in their carparks for electric car charging
  2. ZeroNet sites had to cover the costs associated with installing two Charging Stations: one 13A, 2.9kW unit, and one 32A, 7kW unit.

This is no no longer the case providing both you and your customers with a simpler and easier to understand solution.

Need more information?

If you still want more information or wish to chat further about your application, please don't hesitate to call Cara Naden on 01225 667544 ext: 282, or email