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Climate Friendly

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon is an active community group whose main aim is to reduce carbon emissions in the Bradford on Avon area.

The group was founded in 2006 and now has around 500 members. They have a wide range of activities, both fun and serious and they take every opportunity to raise awareness and take practical action. During 2009, they were runners up in the South West Carbon Positive Community Awards.

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon is totally inclusive, giving plenty of opportunity to people of all ages, abilities and interests to get involved. They aim to influence policy and regularly engage with local and national politicians to do so. Within Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon (CFB) are a number of groups focusing on specific areas related to carbon emission reduction. To foster creativity and commitment, each activity group draws up its own action plans to meet specific goals. These plans are reviewed by the CFB Co-ordinating Group which meets monthly. The Co-ordinating Group is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer of CFB - all elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting - and representatives from the activity groups. The meetings are, however, open to everyone, reflecting CFB's inclusive approach.

More information can be found on the Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon website.