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Greentraveller shows how you can plan a holiday that keeps emissions down to a minimum.

Greentraveller.co.uk is a website that provides information on how to have a greener holiday. It is focused on users who are looking for holidays or short breaks that connect you with local culture and have a lower environmental footprint.The site currently features over 1500 holidays organised by hand-picked tour operators that can be reached by train or ferry, and over 500 eco-friendly places to stay in the UK and Europe. It also features an award-winning online magazine, with news, features, reviews and tips on how independent travellers can go green.

Greentraveller was founded in 2006 by travel writer, Richard Hammond, travel editor of National Geographic Green Magazine and the former eco travel correspondent for the Guardian newspaper. In 2009, greentraveller.co.uk was the winner of the British Travel Press Awards, Travel Editors' Green Award. The Sunday Times has described greentraveller as "the first place to look for green holidays" and the Daily Mail said: "Greentraveller presents a fresh approach to green travel".

State referrals from ZCW are entitled to a 10% membership discount with Greentraveller.

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