EV drivers often get in touch and let us know what a great job we're doing and how much they enjoy using our products. We will be using this page to compile those testimonials and share the love.


Mark W Tebbutt - Nissan LEAF


Mark Tebbutt has driven a Nissan LEAF since 2011 and was the 1st UK customer to order a ZCW 7kW. He had this to say about our 7kW Charging Station:

"The Zero carbon world EVSE charging point has made a big difference to my Nissan Leaf charging. It has reduced the charging time of my Leaf from about 11 hours down to around 5. This has allowed me to fully charge the car within the 7 hour Economy 7 off peak period and thus to take full advantage of the 56% cheaper (5.96p per kWh) off peak electricity.

This has reduced the cost of a 100% charge and pre heat from around £2.30 to £1.74 saving 56p a day or £3.08 a week or £147.84 a year.

The ZCW charging point also increases the utility of my Leaf by providing around 25 miles of range per hour of charge compared to around 8 miles of range per hour of charge using the Nissan supplied mobile EVSE 3 pin charging lead.

I also like the compact form factor of the ZCW charging station."

Robert Llewellyn - Nissan LEAF

Here is a picture of Mr Un-EV-erse Robert Llewellyn (also of Red Dwarf & Scrapheap Challenge fame) using a Zero Carbon World Charging Station. Robert wanted his existing 16A designated wall mounted unit upgrading and we were more than happy to help him. Robert assures us he is happier with the Charging Station than his expression would suggest!

"I love my Zero Carbon World 7KW socket for a few reasons. It was fitted without fuss and worked without problems, it charges the car much faster which is a great advantage, I know it will always re-charge within the off peak period no matter how low the battery is when I plug it in. However due to the fact I'm lucky enough to be loaned many other electric cars other than my Leaf, it means I can charge them too. From a Tesla Model S to a BMW i3, from a Renault Zoe to a VW e-up."



Jens Kr. Kirkebø - Tesla Model S

Jens loves his Model S but was getting fed up with charging it at 3kW (a total recharge time from flat to full of around 30 hours). Using the ZCW EVSE he was able to make a portable 22kW charger (4 hours recharge time) and a home 7kW charger (12 hours recharge). He had this to say:

“My EVSE build went very well and my mobile 22kW charging cable is thus operative. It was really nice to increase charging from 3kW to 22kW ;) Also I made adapters for Schuko and 32A CEE (1ph) so I can charge at 16A and 32A respectively (though I have to connect L1&L2 at the car side for 16A and L1+L2+L3 for 32A, not a problem to do in the adapters).

“I have also finished the fixed 1x32A EVSE which will be mounted in my fuse box in the garage (Image right)

“It was a simple install and works perfectly.”

EVSE Build Day

Do it your way

Founder & Patron of Zero Carbon World Kevin Sharpe, joined EV experts David Peilow and Grant Thomas for the UKs first Electric Vehicle Supply Equpment (EVSE) Build Day. They built 32 Amp portable EVSE chargers. The whole event was followed live on Twitter using the hashtag #EVSEBuildDay.

A Portable EVSE will allow an Electric Car driver to connect to 'normal' electrical outlets found on Camp Sites, yachting marinas, commercial and hotels as well as the early Zero Carbon World Charging stations. This 32 Amp Commando Connection will allow a BMW i3 or a Leaf Mk 1.5 or a Tesla to charge at the full 32 Amps. Equally you could choose to fit a 16A commando plug, or indeed anything else you would like. Or build a simple 32A to 16A commando converter - we'll show you that as well!

An electric car, like the Nissan LEAF, comes with a charging cable (AKA EVSE brick) that trickle charges a Nissan LEAF at 10 Amps, meaning about 10 hours for a full charge. Using a dedicated charging station, or this Portable EVSE Charger, the same car could charge 60% faster at 16 Amps from a commando plug connection, and hence charges 60% quicker. If you have a BMW i3, or if you have paid £800 for the 6.6kWh charger in the Mk1.5 LEAF, you can charge at a full 32 Amps using this Portable EVSE, from a 32A Commando Connection reducing charging time to 4 hours.

A portable EVSE gives you the flexibility to charge where and how you want. It's an essential piece of kit for the roving EV driver!

You can download 16-80A wiring diagrams for your DIY EVSE by visiting our Charging Station Components page.

Its possible to add a current selection switch to your Zero Carbon World DIY EVSE kit

Download the 'How to' guide by RIchard Goldsmith find out how.

Portable DIY EVSE

Essentially an EVSE is just 3 components and a connector. Building your own modular EVSE allows you upgrade components and connectors as required. We wanted to show just how simple an Electric Car Charging station is; even with the versatility of future proofing it to charge all current and upcoming electric cars.

Learn more by watching the EVSE Build Day video.

David Peilow - Vauxhall Ampera


David Peilow took part in EVSE Build Day and drives 15,000 miles a year in a Vauxhall Ampera. Mr Un-EV-erse Robert Llewellyn (also of Red Dwarf & Scrapheap Challenge fame) popped in to used Davids EVSE for a chat and a charge. Both drivers were able to charge faultlessly using the DIY EVSE from Zero Carbon World.

Grant Thomas - Nissan LEAF

Grant is an early adopter of everything and regular blogger on sustainability, renewable energy and electric vehicles. He drives 15,000 miles a year in a Nissan LEAF and describes it as the car that changed everything.


He  this to say about the DIY Charging Station:

"The Portable EVSE Charger allows me to charge my Nissan LEAF from a variety of 'traditional' commercial Commando connections and giving me a 60% faster charge than the 3 pin charger that is supplied with the car. Commando sockets are found in Marinas, camp sites, hotels and many other business locations and this opens up many more options to get a usable charge. As I built this myself I know that all the internal components are capable of charging at a full 32 Amps and have tested this on the new LEAF with 6kW charger.

Due to the modular design I know that I can swap out or upgrade any part of this charger; for instance if I were to change Electric car from Nissan LEAF to BMW i3 it's just a new plug on the end, everything else stays the same. Equally; I plan to install a switch that will allow me to vary the charge from 7 Amps to 32 Amps - really useful for charging from Renewable Energy like Solar PV panels, or simply 'turning down' the charge if connecting to an electrical outlet where you don't know the wiring."

EVSE Technical Information

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