Our network, ZeroNet, is built on the concept of reliability. We don't want your customers being stranded without a charge due to a faulty Charging Station and we're sure you don't either. As installing Charging Stations requires a special understanding that can only be gained from specific qualifications and courses, we insist that all installations are carried out by our regional installation partners.

Installation typically costs between £500 and £1,000 +VAT, but this is dependent on your location and the following criteria being met:

The distance between the Charging Station and the electricity meter must be less than 30 metres. You must be willing to have black cable clipped externally to the building if necessary. The cable will not run underground at any point. The consumer unit must be fully accessible. You must be content for the power to be off for approximately one hour if necessary.

Full details of the cost to you will be included in the quote. Regional installation partners may quote remotely over the phone.

Charging costs


The cost to charge an electric car varies depending on a number of factors: How empty it is, how big its battery is, how long it is plugged in, how full the battery is already and how much you pay for electricity. For an average electric car, a full charge will be around £2.50 but not all cars will be fully charging all the time.