How to Use


ZeroNet is the national charging network that delivers what EV drivers need. It neutralises range anxiety through simple, robust and reliable Charging Stations at locations drivers can trust. Drivers can eat, play, work or sleep while topping up their vehicles. Unlike other networks, drivers don't need to register, pay monthly fees or carry smart cards. The essence of ZeroNet is strictly pay-as-you-go. Drivers can simply pull up and plug in, trusting in charging stations that work every time. If you’d like to use a Zero Carbon World charging station, donated to the location, it’s advisable to call that location in advance of arrival to find out about their user policy - many offer free charging for customers, some ask for donations to cover the costs of the service.

Steps on how to connect & disconnect your Electric Vehicle to the Charging Station see below..


Plug In

Step 1: Check the Charging Station LED light is flashing blue (if not contact reception). Plug your charging cable into your electric vehicle.

Step 2: Plug the charging cable into the Charging Station socket. The Charging Station LED light will turn green to show that you are charging. Once fully charged the light will turn solid blue.



Step 1: Once you’re finished charging, unplug your cable from your car end first.

Step 2: unplug the cable from the Charging Station.

Important Do not pull hard on the cable from the Charging Station end as this can cause the cable plug to jam inside the socket.



If a red light shows on the Charging Station, unplug the cable from your car, and then from the Charging Station.

Reset the Charging Station by opening the cover and flicking the power switch off/on. Wait for LED lights to go through a reset series until it flashes blue, then reconnect the cable, first to the vehicle then to the Charging Station.

If problems persist, contact the site owner.