Theresa May reveals £106 million funding boost for low carbon technology - but is it enough?

At the UK’s first ever Zero Emission Vehicle summit in Birmingham, the Prime Minister announced a new plan to invest £106 million into research and development for low carbon technology. This includes the development of battery, vehicle and charging improvements to make the UK a world leader in low emission innovation. This announcement was made to a global audience to show the UK’s commitment to protecting the environment - but is it enough?

The plan is being backed by £500 million worth of investment from industry, making it a significant step in the right direction. However, compared to over £30bn invested in similar research by Volskwagen alone, the contribution from the UK government could be improved. On top of this, it has been reported that London boroughs are holding back the rollout of EV infrastructure. This means that as well as capital investment, reformations need to be made on a local level to support these new innovations.

Despite the obstacles to adopting electric vehicles, the announcement at the ZEV summit will bring with it 1,000 new jobs across the country, as reported by Next Green Car. This is the latest development in the UK’s Road to Zero strategy, aiming to ensure that all new vehicles are zero emission by 2040. Though not as ambitious as some European targets, such as Norway’s 2025 commitment, any progress towards achieving zero carbon should be welcomed with open arms.

Peter Brock