Prince Charles' Home Charger

The Prince of Wales, after acquiring the royal family's first electric car, has installed his own charging point at his London home.

The Sunday Times reports that Prince Charles' new Jaguar I-Pace is the latest of the steps taken to reduce his carbon footprint, including switching to low-energy light bulbs and installing solar panels. The Prince's new Jaguar is painted in Loire blue, a custom shade that is unavailable to the public.

The I-Pace itself is a battery electric vehicle with an impressive range of 240 miles, on a full charge. This means that it will rarely need to stray from its home charger at Clarence House. As well as being the cleanest Jag yet, The I-Pace is significantly less costly than competing luxury Tesla models. The added appeal of a British model makes this a clear choice for the royal family, proven by the adapted electric E-type driven by Harry and Meghan at their wedding reception in May.

The royal dedication to low carbon vehicles is testimony to their growing popularity, though drivers without a Prince's budget may be more drawn to models like the Nissan Leaf or Citroen C-Zero. In either case, this marks yet another step towards a Zero Carbon Britain.