To apply for our free donated Charging Station & Parking Sign you need to meet all of the conditions below:

  • Be somewhere a driver can spend three or more hours. This includes but is not limited to hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses, restaurants, paintball centres, golf courses and so on.

  • Have a secure car-park in which you can allocate one parking space as priority EV parking.

  • Install using our regional installation partners and pay all installation costs.

  • Not reserve the Charging Station for staff use.

  • Display our parking sign.

  • Assume responsibility for maintaining and regularly testing the Charging Station.

  • Install within 28 days of receiving kit.

  • Grant permission for us to use any image or wording on your website when promoting your location on ZeroNet.

Most locations on ZeroNet offer charging to their customers as a free service. However if you do wish to charge a small amount you must not charge more than you do for wifi access. These simple criteria help us ensure that our charging network is reliable, simple and easy to use.